• Terms And Conditions:

• All ticket(s) booked through us are non-changeable and non-refundable.

• We take deposits that secure your seats however; fares may change until the balance payment made or until issuance.

• All upfront deposits are non-refundable.

• Please note that it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the outstanding balance payment is paid within the due date, wherein failure to do so would result in the cancellation of your booking and forfeiting of the upfront deposit monies paid to us. Please ensure to update us about any payments that you make.

• Cancellations / Refunds are subject to the guidelines / restrictions imposed by the airline company less our administration charge. Please note that the refunds are processed in 7-8 business weeks, and no refunds would be paid out, till the same have been received from the relevant airline / supplier.

• All changes / amendments are subject to fare restrictions / availability of seats at the time of making an amendment.

• All quotes are subject to availability and are not guaranteed, until the ticket(s) have been issued, irrespective of the fact that the full payment has been made, as airline fares and seat availability changes on an ongoing basis.

• As airline carriers prefer e-ticket as the most preferred mode of travel, hence no paper ticket(s) will be issued.

• Passenger(s) are requested to re-confirm their booking(s) with either the travel agency 72 hrs prior to the flight departure time to obtain information about last minute changes, irrespective of the guidelines of the airline company.

• Passenger(s) are advised to check-in at least 3 hours prior to the flight departure time (for International Flights) and 2 hours prior to the flight departure time (for Domestic Flights).

• Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that all your travel documents are correct and good to travel with. This includes your e-ticket, passport, visa (if required), travel insurance (if required) and any additional travel document(s).

• We accept no liability in the event wherein you are denied boarding or refused an entry into any country due to failure on your part to carry the correct passport, visa or other documents required by any airline, authority or country.

• Travelers must ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months, from their return date of travel.

• Passenger(s) traveling to The United States of America would need to apply for an ESTA Visa by visiting the U.S. Government website at:https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ .

• It is recommended that all the passenger(s) should be covered by a travel insurance policy to ensure protection against unforeseen situations. Please note that the travel insurance is not a part of your booking and hence needs to be purchased as a separate component. Please note that any claim made under the insurance policy would be governed by the guidelines of the insurance company and we would not be liable to accommodate any claims / request(s) from passenger(s) regarding the same.

• All transactions carried out on a credit card would attract a surcharge of 3% over and above the amount (which in case of a refund would be non-refundable), however transactions carried out on a debit card, would be free from any surcharge. It may also be noted that documents such as copies of passport(s) / card(s) through which the payment was requested, against unsuccessful / unauthorized payments, in order to verify the genuinity of the cardholder.

Flightely is a travel comparison service dedicated to making a difference our clients discover the most excellent conceivable bargain. Like most individuals, we cherish get-aways, and we want to form travel more affordable for everybody. 

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