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Akron to Ghana
Alabama to Ghana
Alaska to Ghana
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Columbus to Ghana
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Detroit to Ghana
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Cheapest flights to Ghana

New York to Accra flights from $660 pp
Seattle to Accra flights from $739 pp
Boston to Accra flights from $740 pp
Washington, D.C. to Accra flights from $743 pp
Chicago to Accra flights from $773 pp
Atlanta to Accra flights from $775 pp
Dallas to Accra flights from $798 pp
Los Angeles to Accra flights from $831 pp

Columbus to Accra flights from $831 pp
Houston to Accra flights from $857 pp
San Francisco to Accra flights from $882 pp
Philadelphia to Accra flights from $893 pp
Ontario to Accra flights from $905 pp
Minneapolis to Accra flights from $942 pp
Miami to Accra flights from $958 pp
Fort Lauderdale to Accra flights from $959 pp

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